Turning Point Update - August 20, 2019

Our Board of Trustee President has signed the construction loan with Towne Bank this past Tuesday and we are ready to start site preparation for construction.  Once we receive the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) approval of the project, we will be starting the site preparation work and finalizing the construction timeline.

Let’s Make History!

We are entering one of the most exciting times in the history of Unity Renaissance.

Thirty years ago, when Rev. Judith Meyer founded Unity Renaissance, she birthed a spiritual community that kept outgrowing its space. After moving the congregation from one temporary location to another, Rev. Judi was guided to this sacred land on Eden Way. With Spirit leading the way, Rev. Judi inspired the congregation to build its own church home here. Our current building was intended to be the first phase of a grander plan. Until now, however, that expansion has not been forthcoming.

The Momentum Continues  

But now we are primed, and we are ready! Our BREAKTHROUGH! campaign yielded a new roof and HVAC system, remodeled sanctuary, new sound, lighting, seating, and more. Now we are poised for a major TURNING POINT: The long-awaited expansion of our building. The civil engineering has begun, architectural plans are near completion, permits have been approved – and we have a strong financial foundation of nearly $400,000 to jumpstart construction.

The Vision

To fulfill Rev. Judi’s long-ago dream, we will build a new education wing with adequately sized classrooms to serve our children and adult learners; a full-sized kitchen to prepare meals for church events and gatherings, and community outreach; a multipurpose room for mid-sized gatherings and events (think Christmas Dinner, sacred dance, community events, maybe even Tai Chi and yoga classes!); a fellowship hall/café where we can break bread together after services and gather for informal discussions; expanded, handicapped-accessible bathrooms; spacious storage; and a patio with umbrellas and chairs to commune with nature and each other!  

More Space. More Activities.  More Members.

When completed, these new additions will nearly double our current square footage. They will give us the space to accommodate current needs while also creating new opportunities to serve and enjoy our congregation and community.

From October 14 to November 11, 2018, we are conducting a campaign to educate and inspire the people of Unity Renaissance to contribute the funds needed to manifest this dream.

Goals for Success

Our goal is to raise at least $600,000, (to be collected in 2019, 2020, and 2021), which would allow us to complete our expansion using campaign funds plus a modest mortgage.

However, if we go above and beyond, and raise $900,000 we could complete the expansion with little or no mortgage. If we raise just $300,000, we will need to modify our plans accordingly. It all depends on YOU!


Please join me, our campaign team, our Board of Trustees, and the many people who love Unity Renaissance to create this beautiful, welcoming space we so need and deserve. To paraphrase a popular quote: “If we can dream it, we can do it!”    

How can I give to TURNING POINT?

Pledging support to the capital campaign is over and above regular giving to church operations. We are stepping out in faith to achieve our vision for our congregation and the greater community. There are many options for giving:

You can choose/combine your contribution giving options over multiple years through weekly, monthly, yearly, or a one-time contribution.

4 Ways to Reach Our TURNING POINT! Goals

This is a three-year initiative that allows you to give in whatever way works best for you –whether weekly, monthly, yearly or all at once. Thank you in advance for your generous gift! You may contribute via:

1. Cash Love Offering

You may donate at any time via cash or check. Please indicate on your check or envelope that your gift is for “Turning Point.” Please do not write one check for both Turning Point and regular church operations.

2. Online Contribution

Click on the TURNING POINT! giving button on this page.

3. Automated Giving

An easy way to give is through the auto pay feature of your online banking account. Simply designate how much you wish to give, at what frequency, and it will occur automatically. This kind of giving offers the additional benefit of no credit card fees for the church to pay.

4. Securities

Consider donating stocks, bonds, or other securities as part of your campaign contribution. Before making this type of contribution, be sure to consult with your CPA, tax attorney, or financial advisor to avoid any potential penalties.

How Do I Get There?

Practice Priority Budgeting  Eliminate those expenses that are less important to free up funds that allow for generous giving.

Redirect Present Expenditures If you have short-term expenditures or loans that will soon be settled, once they are paid off, consider redirecting those monthly payments to TURNING POINT campaign.

Tap Increased Income  Do you have a bonus or raise coming up? Consider contributing some or all of these funds to your campaign commitment.

Get Creative! Contribute by donating from these activities:

– Sell unwanted items online or host a community yard sale.

– Give up certain indulgences (designer coffee, dining out, etc.) and donate the savings. 

– Look for opportunities to earn extra money and include in campaign donations.

 We are a  unified team.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support for this momentous campaign. And special thanks to the many volunteers (nearly 50!), the chairs and members of committees who started this process in July, 2015 and lovingly and faithfully led the way to this TURNINGPOINT! at Unity Renaissance.