“Let It Go”

Often we feel that a certain situation, habit, or individual has a hold on us, and won’t let go. In truth, it is we who are holding on — to an old pattern or belief; to a habitual way of seeing, thinking, and being. Operating from an outworn mindset, we may be doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results (the oft-quoted definition of insanity!).

The empowering message of Unity is that we can make a different choice. As Unity minister Eric Butterworth once wrote: “”You are not a helpless creature bobbing about like a cork on the sea of life, at the mercy of the storms of fate and circumstance. You are the very self-livingness of God.” Made in the image and likeness of God, we too are creators. If we do not like the results we are getting in our lives, we can create different ones.

One creative choice we can make when we feel weighed down by old patterns or a difficult person or situation is to consciously let it go. Let go, and let God. Turn the person or situation over to Higher Intelligence, Divine Mind, whatever you choose to call it.

I call this liberating spiritual practice “Bless and Release.”


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