Audio Clips

Message: “The Wisdom of Confucius” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

July 03, 2022

Message: “Homophobia and the Bible: A Dangerous Combination” with Rev. Harry Stock

June 26, 2022

Message: “My Father’s Authority” with Tom Baker

June 19, 2022

Message: “Unjaded” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

June 12, 2022

Message: “The One Thing” with Rev. Richard Mekdeci

June 05, 2022

Message: “God Is Everywhere” Multigenerational Sunday Service with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

May 29, 2022

Message: “Can You Really Have It All?” with Rev. Margaret Jenkins – May 22, 2022

May 22, 2022

Message: “Let’s Talk About It: Sex and Christianity with Tom Baker and Rev. Paula Mekdeci

May 15, 2022

Message: “On Motherhood” – Rev. Paula Mekdeci

May 08, 2022

Message: “Alone and Together” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

May 01, 2022