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 Gospel of the Beloved Companion

The Gospel according to the Beloved Companion is the first French translation of a gospel dating from the first century of our era and published for the first time in English in 2010. Originally written in Greek Alexandrine, this exceptional manuscript, left from Egypt to arrive in Languedoc a little before the middle of the first century, has since been preserved in the spiritual community of the author. This book of great originality brings to life the Gospel according to the Beloved Campaign, offering us a vision that is at once luminous and poetic, and of a striking objectivity. It also opens up a new perspective on the teachings and philosophy of one of the greatest spiritual masters the world has ever known.

Anyone looking to understand Jesus and the early church must look to The Gospel of the Beloved Companion; it realistically presents the man Jesus and his times in a voice knowledgeable and intimate which knows and respects the customs of first century Judaism including, respect for the Feminine Divine. This gospel offers a consistent, unredacted view of Jesus and the disciples without the confusion and contradictions of the canonical gospels. Mary’s gospel hasn’t the sanction of these others but there is much in it that argues in favor of it being genuine.

Jehanne De Quillan, translator and commentary author, explains that the feminine pronoun for the Spirit is in keeping with first century usage; Hebrew scripture regards the spririt or ruach as female and in  Aramaic the Spirit word ruah is also feminine.

Author Jehanne de Quillan presents this translation along with a detailed comparative study between the Gospel of the Beloved Companion and the canonical and gnostic Gospels in a clear and easy-to-read format, leading us step-by-step to a deep understanding of this remarkable text and, perhaps for the first time, a clear and unsullied view of the woman known to most as Mary Magdalene.

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“The Laconneau Tradition: Followers of Mary Magdalene”

What is Laconneau or An Cearlachta? It can be difficult to describe
a tradition whose name has found no direct translation in the
modern English language. It is a largely oral tradition historically passed down among women that stresses inner growth and
development, positive ethics, and devotion and service to the
Divine Feminine in accordance with Gnostic Christian beliefs. Come
learn about the fascinating history of the ancient Celtic ways from
Jehanne McQuillan, an initiated teacher of French-Irish extraction
who was raised from childhood in the Laconneau tradition in France and Ireland. In addition to background info, Jehanne will give brief teachings in the tradition’s cosmology, beliefs, and ethics, including how they relate to the daily life of the modern woman, along with meditation techniques specific to the tradition, their purpose and effects. This will be an amazing evening of learning and sharing. Don’t miss it!

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