The Lord’s Prayer

Here is the interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer based on the Aramaic translation:
Father/Mother presence who loves us and whose divinity is in all of us, and everywhere.  
Holy is your nature, which we set apart to worship and to emulate.
May your kingdom come, as divine spiritual forces guide us in manifesting peace, love and justice.
Let your desire be, as in the universe, also on the earth.
Provide for our needs every day, and free us from our offenses, as we also free our offenders.
Leave us not in the temptation caused by a sense of separation, but help us know our oneness with you and all of life.
For in this realization is the kingdom of heaven,
From all ages, throughout the ages.
We declare this to be so, and we stand in this Truth. And so it is. Amen.
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