“Bring Your Intention to Life”

Many of us set intentions as part of our New Year’s ritutal.  It’s one thing to set the ritutal and another to act on it.  We can use the “I AM Model” to bring about what we’ve envisioned. It says: Intention + Attention = Manifestation. Once we set an intention, we must give it attention to bring it into manifestation.

Here are some ways you can give attention to your highest intention for the New Year:

  • Hold your intention in your mind and heart.
  • Pray on it, meditate on it, journal about it.
  • Put your word and/or affirmation where you will see it often, and pause to think about it. You may want to place your white stone or index card by your bed so you see it each morning as you begin the day and each evening as you end your day.
  • If you are motivated to do so, brainstorm and write down goals or action steps you can take to advance your intention.
  • Spend time imagining how it will feel when you are living your intention. Bring it to life in your own creative mind. What you picture on the inside begins to manifest on the outside.


Remember: You are a powerful, creative, spiritual being! Make your New Year all you dream it to be.