Audio Clips

Message: “Why Community Matters” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

September 25, 2022

Message: “Be Still and Know” with Rev. Quintina Harris

September 18, 2022

“More Than Enough” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

September 11, 2022

Message: ‘Let’s Talk About It: The Invention of Hell’ with Rev. Paula and Tom Baker

September 04, 2022

Message: “Anything is Possible” with Rev. Ann DeMichael

August 28, 2022

Message: “Manna from Heaven” with Ron Chapman

August 21, 2022

Message: “When Religion Ends, Spirituality Begins” with Dr. Shafeeq Ameen

August 14, 2022

Message: “Love Comes First” with Tom Baker

August 07, 2022

Message: “The Wisdom of Muhammad” Rev. Paula Mekdeci

July 31, 2022

Message: “The Wisdom of Jesus” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

July 24, 2022