Unity Yoga with Katie Cook

Katie will be orienting/leading towards union of mind, body, spirit through the integration of body movement, breath and mind focus.  This will be an accessible practice for beginners, and can be meaningful for those with prior yoga experience (but it … Continued


Support for Recovery Group

Please join Sam and Dawn as we continue to welcome a few more members to the "Support for Recovery" group...  As you take your "personal inventory",  healing from past traumas/misunderstandings is available through loving group support.. The Spiritual Joy of … Continued


Tai Chi with Katie Cook

Easy Tai Chi – Integration through gentle body movement, breath and focusing the mind.  The practice is accessible for beginners, with simple sequences, and could be modified to a seated (chair) practice.  Practices will incorporate qigong and will touch on … Continued

UR Men’s Group Dinner and Auction

Tickets are $5 per person or $20 per family. Men’s Dinner and Auction (Friday, February 10), the YOUers will be auctioning off desserts at the completion of the dinner.  Please come to the dinner and bid on a dessert (and … Continued


Sunday Meditation

Unity Renaissance

After a hiatus during the COVID pandemic, our prayer chaplains are excited to resume meditation before the Sunday service starting Nov. 20. The meditation is conducted from 10:15-10:40 a.m. Sundays in the chapel. All are welcome; no signup required. Thank … Continued


Teacher’s Meeting

Quarterly Youth Ministry Teacher's Meeting. Lunch and Childcare will be provided. Meet in the Great Room after the Sunday Service.

Akashic Records Meditation with Kathy Lamm

This is a group for anyone interested in accessing the ancient knowledge of the Akashic Records. Through accessing the Akashic records, you have the ability to heal your soul. Release old teachings, karmic agreements, fear and blockages that keep you … Continued