“So Many Angels” – December 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

As unusual as this holiday season may be, it is also rife with heartwarming examples of people caring for and supporting one another. I have been brought to tears a few times hearing about congregants who have brought meals to people who are ill or in need; who have provided transportation for those who can’t drive; who have been calling or (safely) visiting people who are isolated; and who have even taken other congregants shopping for groceries or, in one case, new clothes!

I have also had the honor of visiting a Zoom meeting with the Unity Sisterhood, one with the Prayer Chaplains, and an in-person gathering of the Mighty Men of Unity, and have witnessed the tremendous amount of love and support in each group.

Meanwhile, the generosity of people like you in providing gifts and gift cards to help others less fortunate has been deeply moving. There have been some amazing synchronicities this year, as someone has provided a gift card just hours before someone else expressed a need for exactly that kind of help!

In times of darkness, the light within us shines all the more brightly. In so many ways, this is the message of Christmas: That what is within us is bigger and brighter than any challenge before us.

This Sunday I’ll speak more on this theme, with some fresh revelations and experiences of my own about the true meaning of Christmas.

I look forward to another beautiful Sunday with all of you. Thank you for being the angels you are!

Much love,

Rev. Paula