Audio Clips

Message: Father’s Day 2021: “Not So Macho” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

June 20, 2021

“The Wisdom of the Heart” Rev. Paula Mekdeci

June 13, 2021

Message: “The Sower – How to Set an Intentional Life” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci

June 06, 2021

Message: “What it Means to Stand By Me” Rev. Paula Mekdeci (updated)

June 02, 2021

“The Afterlife, Then and Now,” with Tom Baker

May 23, 2021

Message: “Homecoming” with Rev. Paula Mekdeci at Unity Renaissance

May 16, 2021

Message: “Divinely Feminine” Rev. Paula Mekdeci, Unity Renaissance

May 12, 2021

Message: “Temptation: What is it good for?” Rev. Richard Mekdeci

May 05, 2021

Message: “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox & the Horse” at Unity Renaissance

April 27, 2021

Choice or Chance

April 21, 2021