Audio Clips

Message: “The Holy City” with Rev. Claudia René Williamson – Palm Sunday March 24, 2024

March 24, 2024

Message: “Embodying the Teachings of Jeshua: Harnessing the Power Within” with Rev. Richard Bunch

March 17, 2024

“Women of God” with Dr. Shafeeq Ameen

March 10, 2024

“Reinventing Jesus” with Rev. Bunch

March 03, 2024

Message: “Being Strong and of a Good Courage”with Rev. Robin Moore

February 25, 2024

“Breaking Barriers” with Rev. Richard Bunch

February 18, 2024

“Letting Go as We Swing Through Life” – Rev. Arlene Meyer

February 11, 2024

Message: “Charles Fillmore and Carl Jung: Journey to Individuation” with Rev. Vicki Bunch

February 04, 2024

Message: “Living in Self Awareness” The “I” of Consciousness – Rev Richard Bunch

January 28, 2024

Message: “Living in Self Awareness – How Real is the Material World?” with Rev. Richard Bunch

January 21, 2024