Welcome to Unity Renaissance!

We are excited to host S.E.E. Week this September in Chesapeake, Virginia. Our ministers bring experience, insight, knowledge and most importantly, enthusiasm to teach and share Unity principles with students like you.

Our 2019 theme, “Consciousness Rising,” reflects our spiritual journey into Oneness consciousness, or what we in Unity call “Christ consciousness.” This year’s classes are particularly focused on expanding awareness, deepening understanding, and providing practical tools for your spiritual path. All six classes are available for credit; four are required for completing the Personal Development Path in Unity, and two are approved electives. This year, we are also excited to offer two of our S.E.E. Week classes online, via Zoom: Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation and The Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

We look forward to a great week with you of learning, sharing, and spiritual growth!

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All classes are available for S.E.E. credit. Classes are $80 each without credit; an additional $45 per class for credit. If you are interested in S.E.E. credit please visit Unity Worldwide Ministries.


Class Descriptions and Registration

Metaphysics 2 with Rev. Ogun Holder

10 a.m.- Noon       Monday, Sept. 16-Friday, Sept. 20 This course explores some of the more complex metaphysical concepts such as...

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Meditation Practices with Rev. Elizabeth Mora, MDiv

 10 a.m.- Noon   Monday , Sept. 16-Friday, Sept. 20 Extensive research on meditation practices has revealed that regular meditation has many...

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The Gnostic Gospels with Rev. Elizabeth Mora, MDiv

1-3 p.m.   Monday , Sept. 16 - Friday, Sept. 20 (Approved elective) Based on Elaine Pagels’ award-winning book of the same...

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Unity Prayer w/ Rev. Richard Mekdeci

Class is 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Monday September 16th through Friday, September 20th Affirmative prayer is at the heart of...

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The Gospel of Mary Magdalene with Rev. Paula Mekdeci (Also available online)

3:30- 5:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 16-Friday, Sept. 20 (Approved elective) In 2010, a watershed book was published that shares the story of...

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Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation with Rev. Ogun Holder (Also available online)

6:30  - 9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 16-Thursday, Sept. 19 Unity’s “maieutic” and metaphysical approach to interpreting scriptures helps the interpreter cultivate self-knowledge...

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